Öğrenci Merkezi

Your First Two Weeks At ISU

Before Arrival:

  • Activate Your OIS System
  • Activate Your Blackboard System
  • Check your new ISU e-mail account ac
  • Check the Academic Calendar for the important dates you might need to know
  • Check our Handbooks for tips
  • Check the weather in Istanbul and clothing in Istanbul

Your First Week at ISU:

  • Join our Orientation Week    
  • Join our Party prepared for New-Comers
  • Join our Club Promotion Week and try to join at least to the one of the university’s club     
  • Enroll your courses
  • Find your Academic Advisor and your Faculty Secretary and meet with them/ask them about the courses you need to enroll

Your Second Week at ISU:

  • Tour your campus and its perimeter
  • Tour your dormitory’s/flat’s neighbourhood