Student Council

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Student Council Elections and International Student Represenatative Election will be held on December 10 and 11, 2020.

Elections are going to be held only for Faculties and Vocational Schools and only students who have registered to courses in this semester may apply as candidates.

For International Student Representative, only students with “International Students Status” may apply. Internationational students may also apply for Deparment Representative Candidacy but a student may apply to only one candidacy.  


Candidates may either apply to Student Center personally or write to  konsey.aday@istinye.edu.tr between 16-27 November 2020.  Candidates must fill in the forms provided at the bottom of the page.


Candidates must

  • be registered at least in the 2nd year at Faculty/Vocational School
  • not be a member of or  must not have a duty at a political party
  • not have any criminal record about infamous crimes
  • not have any disciplinary penalty record other than warning
  • have course registration on the semester the elections are held and not on leave of absence
  • have GPA higher than 2,75 out of 4,00
  • have no connection with or any loyalty to any terrorist organization



Students with special enrollment status and Exchange students can not apply for Candidacy. Minor students may vote only in their major program and double major students may apply only for one candidacy but may vote in both departmens enrolled.


Please click for Department Representative Elections Candidate Form  

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Please click here for Candidacy Introduction Text Form (should be sent via e-mail)

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