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Integral Development


The event location in Vadi Campus, 313 classroom. 

The activity is within the scope of Manifesto II: Career Development course evaluation.


  • Quota : 50 
  • Event Name: Integral Development
  • Instructor/Speaker name and title: Martin Ucik / Author, Trainer and Consultant
  • Event Description Sentence:

Receive an introduction to cultural and individual developmental stages of consciousness and learn how they evolved through solving the significant problems and limitations of earlier stages. See how these stages develop in four dimensions of your being and relating. Explore how feminine and masculine polarities impact your development. Practice how people at different levels of development communicate their observations and needs and make feminine and masculine validity claims to what is good, true, beautiful, and functional/practical.

  • Event Date/Time:

19, 26 October; 2, 9 November 2022 - 14:00 – 16:00

  • Event Venue: İstinye Üniversitesi Vadi Kampüsü, 313 

Integral Development

Module 1 Four Dimensions of Being and Relating

Module 2: Stages of Consciousness Development

Module 3: Feminine and Masculine Polarities

Module 4: Communication at Different Levels of Consciousness Development


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Martin Ucik is an author, trainer, and consultant who integrates all the relationship wisdom from the East and West into a developmental model and supports singles and couples in co-creating healthy Integral Love Relationships. He moved to California in the ‘90s, where he trained with Eckhart Tolle as a group facilitator and later become an avid student of Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy. This allowed him to integrate his relationship experiences into his books, Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men and Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World, which Wilber calls “terrific and “groundbreaking”. Martin teaches and consults online and facilitates experiential live workshops and trainings worldwide.

Integral Center supports people and institutions in solving their personal and relational problems and challenges by considering all areas of human growth and potentials (including body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, as well as cultural and social dimensions) for co-creating a better world.

We offer events and consultations through resident and outside teachers who meet participants and clients at their level of consciousness and spiritual development and support them in alleviating their own and thus the suffering of others through learning, healing, growing, and awakening (clean-up, grow-up, wake-up) to create more goodness, truth, beauty, and functioning in the world (show-up).