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We are here for you! İstinye University is “student-focused”. Our most important goal is for our students to make a difference with their "İstinyeli" identity as graduates who know themselves and their talents, express themselves correctly and well, question, research, have a high desire to learn, have social responsibility and ethical awareness, possess high employable skills and are entrepreneurial and versatile.  ÖMER is with you in all non-academic processes… Student Center ÖMER is the unit that plans, manages and develops all non-academic processes in our university in order to achieve the “İstinyeli” graduate goal. In short, ÖMER is with you at all times when you need guidance and support in various areas, from adaptation to university life to your desire for self-improvement, from internships to club activities, and from career planning to psychological support needs.

  • Creating the “İstinyeli” Graduate Identity  “İstinyeli” graduate is different. Our graduate has the competencies required by business life, as well as advanced social skills. He/she has a good level of cultural knowledge and is also good at sports. “İstinyeli” graduate is distinguished not only by his/her academic excellence, but also by his/her versatility and sociability. It is our job to offer alternatives for you to discover yourself, to prepare environments for your self-improvement, and to push the limits so that you can be the best you can be. ÖMER will follow you in all your non-academic processes and will assist you in developing and documenting your extracurricular competencies.
  • Adaptation to University Life Living an efficient university life and enjoying being a university student is only possible by getting to know the new world you are entering and knowing your rights and responsibilities. ÖMER will help you adapt to university and student life by informing you during your first week at university about the university, major / department, regulations, processes, your rights and responsibilities and providing counseling in the following processes. In the orientation and introduction week that is held in the first week of university, we will tell you about the particulars of being an “İstinyeli”. We are here to provide counseling and, if necessary, psychological support in any ongoing adaptation problems in the following process.
  • Career Management Process “İstinyeli” doesn’t see the career path just as a ladder climbing upwards. He/she knows that career management covers his/her whole life. “İstinyeli” gains the ability to adapt to changing business requirements. He/she is aware that education and development don’t end at school. “İstinyeli” embraces his/her skills, hobbies, art, sports and culture as part of one’s career management. He/she gets involved in business life while at university. We stand by our students in their journey of self-knowledge, discovery and development of their talents in order to facilitate their transition to business life and to enable them to manage their own careers. We prepare “İstinyeli” for business life by organizing certified training programs, seminars, practical applications, mentoring and counseling programs, practices developing entrepreneurial skills, competency-based practices, and projects raising social responsibility awareness. Career weeks / fairs, industrial partnerships, first-impression exercises, practices focusing on team-work, effective communication, CV writing, and job interviews will help you in this process.
  • Student Clubs  “İstinyeli” doesn’t just study at university. “İstinyeli” knows that joining club activities is the easiest and most enjoyable way to adapt to business and social life, take responsibility, and develop project management, time management, teamwork, and management skills. We support you in all clubs you want to start, from sports to art and from gastronomy to mountaineering, and in all the activities you want to do. We are with you in all social responsibility activities, culture and art events, seminars and conferences, and all club activities. We support our sports teams and we sincerely wish all our students to do at least one sports branch. We promise to be participants in your events, audience at your exhibitions and conferences, supporters in your matches, and be proud of your every success.
  • Internships  “İstinyeli” sees an internship as a passage to professional working life. “İstinyeli” knows that he/she has to do an internship not just to write on one’s CV, but also to put theory into practice, experience the working environment, build a network and “live” the profesional life. Internship is an integral part of academic life at İstinye University. ÖMER is constantly working to offer different internship opportunities for you in different sectors, to make agreements with the Public Hospitals Association, special for our students in health sector. We coordinate the entire internship process and support you in all related steps.  
  • Student Council and Student Representation “İstinyeli” participates in university administration. “İstinyeli” makes his/her voice heard through the selected representatives and Student Council. He/she uses one’s right to elect and be elected. He/she develops awareness of democracy and management experience at university. İstinye University Student Council works with the aim to be the voice of our students, act as a bridge between our students and our university, and organize activities that improve our students. ÖMER supports you in Student Representative and Student Council elections, and in the coordination of Student Council activities.
  • “İstinyeli” Working Student “İstinyeli” makes use of his/her free time by working at the university. He/she works in various units within the university in his/her spare hours during the semester and during holidays. He/she earns both money and work experience. ÖMER manages the process of part-time working students in various departments with the university. You will learn about the job postings that you can apply for at the beginning of the semester and during the semester from our website or the e-mails we send to you, and you will find the opportunity to work at your university.
  • Scholarship and Discount Applications Life doesn't always go the way we expected. “İstinyeli” knows that he/she is not alone when he/she has a financial problem or an unexpected situation occurs. We announce when our students can apply for scholarships and discounts within the framework of the Scholarships Directive and then follow your applications. ÖMER is with you from the application period until the announcement of the results.
  • Student Life  “İstinyeli” takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by the university. He/she knows that all processes are constantly improved for a happy and high-quality student life. We are there for all our students who stay in the dormitories, get on the shuttle buses, eat in the dining hall, drink tea in the cafeteria, connect to the university network, read books in the library, work in the study rooms, open a stand for the clubs, do sports, have photocopies, and spend the night at the university to study. In order to offer our students a happy and high-quality student life, as ÖMER;
  • We inform our students about the processes.
  • We periodically measure the satisfaction of our students with their student life.
  • We organize activites to reduce exam stress.
  • We celebrate special days such as Spring Festival and New Year together.
  • We hold focus groups with our students.
  • We control the food and cafeteria services.
  • We inspect the shuttle services and contracted dormitories.
  • We offer suggestions and work on the development and improvement of all processes.
  • Alumni Relations “İstinyeli” is not alone after graduation. He/she knows that graduation is not leaving the university behind, but to re-unite holding a new identity with a “graduate” status. “İstinyeli” feels that the university he/she graduated from will always be with him/her through life. ÖMER follows our graduates and develops systems to maintain communication with our alumni, support them in professional life, and gather İstinye University family under a single roof.

For anything you want to ask, consult and say, our door is always open during working hours, and our e-mails and social media are open 24 hours a day.  Let's enjoy the pleasure of being an "İstinyeli" together.